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The website www.fenareta.co is designed and managed by Valentina Linero, a company legally constituted with NIT.1234096564, domiciled in the city of Barranquilla, at Carera 65 #81.65.

This document constitutes an agreement between Fenáreta and the user, by which the terms and conditions of use of the website www.fenareta.co (hereinafter “the page”) are stipulated, as well as the purchases made by this means, for which By using it, you declare that you have read and accepted this document in its entirety. Browsing the page implies acceptance by the user of the following terms and conditions. We suggest you read and accept this document after browsing and/or purchasing, if you do not agree with what is established below, please refrain from browsing or using the page.

Copyright. Fenáreta is the sole and exclusive owner of all the content of this website, including photographs, text, graphics, icons, graphic design, etc. Therefore, its partial and/or total reproduction is prohibited and is governed by Law 1915 of July 12, 2018.

Personal information. All the information provided by users will be treated in accordance with our personal data treatment and protection policy, which you can consult later in this document. By using it, you accept the storage, transmission, treatment and transfer of the data provided and you declare that the information provided is real, truthful and verifiable.

Damages. Due to the fact that there is currently no possibility of guaranteeing that third parties can intervene on the page, Fenáreta cannot guarantee the veracity of the information contained therein. Fenáreta is not responsible for the presence of viruses or other elements that may cause damage to users’ computers. Likewise, by accepting these terms, the user accepts that Fenáreta is not responsible for the content of the links within the page, nor if they cause damage to the equipment used during navigation or personal damage to the user.

Modifications. Fenáreta reserves the right to modify or eliminate any of the terms described here at any time it deems appropriate without the need to notify the user.

Service: Fenáreta reserves the right (but is not obligated) to accept or reject any purchase order or provide services to users for the reasons it deems.

Third parties . While using the website, it is likely that you will be redirected to additional pages such as banks, virtual payment platforms, among others, so the information provided on any of these pages is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the third-party owner. said page, so Fenáreta is not responsible for the content of the same or for the damages that may arise from said third parties.

Information. The use and navigation of the page is free, the page works as a sales channel with informative content, so it is warned that it could contain outdated, incomplete or inaccurate information, this information is available for your knowledge and should be taken only as a reference. . and not make decisions based on this information. Fenáreta reserves the right to modify or not said information if it deems it pertinent for the proper functioning of the page and effective advice to users.

Products. All products on this page are for the exclusive sale of Fenáreta or third parties to whom the company has previously authorized for sale. In no case is the partial or total reproduction of the products allowed. If you are interested in promoting, selling or offering the products found on this page, you must do so only and with prior notice to Fenáreta.

The jewelry products offered are mostly made with elements such as copper, bronze, silver, gold, fabric, resin, zinc, tin. If any of these products causes allergic or hypersensitivity reactions, please refrain from purchasing them or notify them in advance by email at contacto@fenareta.co to advise them in this regard.

Fenáreta’s creative and design team strives to display the products on the page as accurately as possible, however, these images may change depending on the monitor from which they are being viewed, the quality of the monitor and therefore the changes that this could generate. in the display of the products are not the responsibility of Fenáreta. We reserve the right to remove any of the products offered from the page without prior notice to users.

Availability and delivery times. The availability of each product will be indicated by the page and known by the user before making the purchase, Fenáreta undertakes to keep the availability of the products up to date. the purchases of products in stock will be processed and shipped to users within three (3) business days following the purchase. In the event that the purchase is made on a product not available in stock, the processing and shipping time of the same will be between ten (10) to twenty (20) business days, the time in which the product is received varies depending on the customer location.

In case of not being able to comply with the times stipulated above, the purchase of the product cannot be made through the website, so we suggest communicating through the email contacto@fenareta.co to agree on the delivery times between both parties. .

Fenáreta reserves the right to limit the number of products by purchasing one or more products. The availability of each product may vary depending on the country or region where you are located. We recommend you check availability and delivery times according to your location before making a purchase.

Prices. All prices on the page are up to date. The price of each product includes all sales and purchase taxes in Colombia, customs taxes and other duties that may be added to the price of products for purchases outside Colombia must be assumed by the customer as provided by local authorities. XXXX may modify the prices whenever it deems it necessary without prior notice to users of said modification.

To review the possible increases that could be added to the purchase price for shipping costs, we suggest you read the “shipping” section of this document.

Payment. By using our payment platform, you certify that you are of legal age in your country or that you are authorized by the person who owns the account or card used (if not) to pay for the products. Fenáreta has made different payment methods available to all users, none of which modifies the final price they will pay for their products.

We have provided a secure payment platform for all users, so making transactions through the page is reliable. We are not responsible for fraud, cloning or any other damage that may be generated at the time of payment by interventions by third parties such as banks or electronic platforms or any other means of electronic payment. Should any of these occur, you should contact the competent authorities in your country.

Fenáreta reserves the right, for the reasons it deems pertinent, to accept or decline any of the payments made through the page, for this purpose, if the transaction is concluded, we will have the obligation to return the total amount of the money. to the customer without generating interest or additional values ​​to the value for which the purchase was initially made. In the event that any improper charge is made to your card without prior authorization, you must immediately notify contacto@fenareta.co in order to carry out the respective verification and the consequent return of the money that was debited by mistake.

Shipment. Once the purchase is confirmed, Fenáreta will deliver the products to the transport company with which it has agreements for shipment within the previously stipulated times. We reserve the right to change or modify said transport company without prior notice to the user. The customer will be notified by email and a unique tracking number will be sent to him so that he can track the shipment and check the delivery time. Fenáreta is not responsible for delays in delivery times as a result of erroneous information provided, or delays of the company contracted to make the shipments.

In the case of loss of a product during its transport to the destination, the transport company contracted for this purpose will initiate a search and investigation process of what happened and will be responsible for the product, the request for a refund of the money by the User must take charge of the transport company, understanding that Fenáreta is not to blame for the loss of the packages in the hands of the transport company.

Deliveries. The delivery of the products purchased on the website will be made to the address provided by the user at the time of purchase, errors in the typing of this may cause delays in delivery. The product will be delivered exclusively to the customer or to the person designated by him to deliver the purchase, said information will be required at the time of purchase through the page.

Once the purchase is confirmed and the tracking number is received, the product will be delivered by the transport company within five (5) business days if it is within Colombia and within twenty (20) thirty (30) business days for international deliveries. , the time will depend on the final destination of the product.

Once the package is received, the customer must verify the correct packaging and sealing of the same, any indication of attempted opening, absence of product inside or deterioration of the same due to manipulation by third parties must be immediately notified to Fenáreta via email to contacto@fenareta.co or by phone / WhatsApp +57 3174272728. If two (2) calendar days have elapsed after receiving the product and there is no information about damages or nonconformities of the customer in this regard, it will be understood as received to satisfaction and there will be no place for returns except for manufacturing defects.

Cancellations and returns. Cancellations will only be accepted for orders that are not in transit to their destination. After receipt of the product by the user, returns will only be accepted in two cases: a) Manufacturing defects and b) Conditions of the product or the user that do not allow the correct use of the product, for this purpose the user must have twenty-four ( 24) hours to notify the desire to return via email to contacto@fenareta.co indicating full name, product to be returned and the reason for the return, the request will be studied and the user will be answered within forty-eight ( 48) hours after receipt of the request, this request does not guarantee the return of the product. When the return is due to manufacturing defects of a product,

We recommend contacting before making any product return, only previously accepted returns will be received and processed, otherwise they will be returned, the shipping costs that this situation generates will be borne by the user.

Prohibitions. The use of the page is prohibited in the following situations: a) Use the images and campaigns to make a total or partial copy of the products displayed here or violate intellectual property rights. b) Solicit a third party or directly participate in the performance of any act that is outside the law or crime. c) Transmit viruses that may alter the functioning of the page or the equipment that uses it. D) Any immoral purpose. e) Use the information contained in the page for personal benefit. F) Copy or take personal information from users who have used the page. G) Use the page and your name in a personal capacity. e) Commit acts of terrorism with the name, graphics, photographs or any other content of the page. h) Spam, circumvent security systems or modify any page content without prior authorization. i) Abuse, discriminate or belittle other people for any reason. j) Provide false or misleading information.

Final considerations and applicable laws. Fenáreta does not guarantee that the page is free of errors and that navigation through it may be interrupted at any time. The use of the page www.fenareta.co is at your own risk. By browsing the page and using the services provided therein, you agree not to sue Fenáreta for any reason, and also release you from any criminal, civil or fiscal liability in case of problems with third parties that you have accessed. Through the page, you accept and consent that in case of disagreement with the service provided by Fenáreta, the resolution of the conflict will be carried out exclusively by verbal means between both parties (Fenáreta and the user).

If you do not agree with the provisions of this document, you can let us know before using and browsing the page. Concerns or discrepancies in understanding of the terms and conditions described herein shall not be construed against the writing party. All of the above, as well as the use and provision of the services of the page are governed by Law 1480 of 2011 of the consumer statute of the Republic of Colombia.



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